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splendid wildfire
I'm learning to love myself when no one is around.

So I took this photo while I was in Rome, Italy this past January. Definitely the best photo I’ve taken in my entire life.


i’m here
i’m queer
can i go back to bed now

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Anonymous: you realise that if we go independent on thursday we won't be able to use the pound?!!

Nothing is certain, no i give you that, but as for Scotland continuing to use the pound, it is in  West Ministers best interest to let us join a currency union with them.. some people think we will go with the Euro which if we go independent i don’t want because i don’t like the thought of the EU union having anymore power over us than it already has to but that’s a different topic. As for West Minister, it suits them better that we use the pound because: If we no longer use the pound, UK Parliament will be left with our debt that we will no longer have to pay, which suits Scotland but not England, and also do you really think England are going to want to pay more on shipping exports across a border to us because we have a different currency, no, it’s highly unlikely. It’s all in West Ministers best interests that we stay in a currency union, therefore keeping the pound, and let’s face it anything that benefits West Minister will always be put, or kept in place regardless of the outcome, and a currency union does that. 

Ok, I apologise for going off on a tangent there, but yeah, wait and see, anything could happen.. honestly you’d be better talking someone who knows a lot about politics, those are just my opinions. But, everyone is so tense about shit rn, i think we should just all get high and chill for a bit x


coquette-brunette: you are so beautiful.

thank you, you’re really sweet! x


becky-macphee: you are such a babe 😘😘😘😍😍😍

oh.. thanks lovely x